ArabiaWeather uses big data to help the aviation industry [Video]

November 2015 was a big month for the first weather company in the Middle East, ArabiaWeather.

The team announced a $5 million funding round, led by Badia Impact Fund and Wamda Capital, and including DASH Ventures and Jabbar Internet Group.

Later that month, the company launched ModMS, a weather Model Management System for realtime big data management. It's a model to store and retrieve data fast, a solution to the most challenging tasks of developing a fast, reliable and flexible system to harvest and mathematically operate weather models.

"We want to help companies, like our partners Royal Jordanian Airlines, to understand how the weather will impact them as forecast and operations," says Yousef Wadi, cofounder of ArabiaWeather in the video above. “This will save them a lot of money when it comes to landing and parking in different garages which costs them a lot.”

Watch the full video above for more details.

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