Why e-Home Automation is big on smart home tech? [Video]

Khalifa AlJaziri, Group Managing director of e-Home Automation International, explains in this video the core goal of his company, in addition to the importance of smart buildings and smart cities.

e-Home Automation is a UAE based company that provides smart home technologies, and works with developers to distribute, deliver and install smart home hardware and software solutions.

It all began a few years ago, when the young Emirati was trying to make the new home he was building as ecological, sustainable and efficient as possible. Seeing nothing on the market that catered to his needs, he decided to build such a solution himself.

Today e-Home Automation has branches in Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Its technology helps homeowners control and monitor their homes, and creates efficiency reports to help them understand how their homes are performing. The company offers a range of products that can talk to the latest technologies, and "we also have equivalent products that can add intelligence to all current systems," AlJaziri explains.

He also stresses that houses and buildings need to be able to interface with the closest thing to humans today: their smartphone. "This is why we are working on a range of products to create an ecosystem for smart buildings."

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