PK on the core mission of The Assembly [Wamda TV]

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Prashant Gulati, more known as ‘PK’, calls himself a “technology innovator, angel investor, mentor, idea accelerator and writer”.

His latest “tech innovation” related activity, is building The Assembly.

In this video Gulati discusses the 'lab' sited at In5 in Dubai, to bring tech communities together and foster research on new technologies.

PK during the interview. (Image via Wamda)

The platform also wants to teach people about the use of smart technology such as 3D printing, and robotics and its benefits to build solutions for their daily lives.

Coming from the idea that innovation has become local and is much more accessible to everyoneone thanks to the growth of Fablabs and other workshops around the region, The Assembly wants to bring people and technology closer and get them more interested in building.

“You can build things which look completely impossible to do,” he says. “If you spend enough time, you will be able to build and make things with your own hands.”

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