Saudi Digital Machines’ second hackathon is coming to the KSA

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Obekan Digital Solutions, and GE, are bringing the second edition of Saudi Digital Machines Hackathon to the KSA.

The event aims at providing startups with the opportunity to solve problems related to healthcare, water, and manufacturing.

It will take place at Hewar Conference Center, and will extend over four days starting March 21.

Eligible teams would include three to five individuals with at least one developer who meets the following requirements: Knowledge of HTTP, REST and JSON,  Cloud Foundry CLI (command line interface), OAuth, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. There is no nationality restrictions, and contestants must be above 18 years old.

In order to apply, each team member must register online. The first person to register from a team creates a team password that he/she must share with the rest of the team in order for them to join. The programmers of the team will be asked to answer short programming questions during the registration process. Deadline to apply is March 15.

If the team is qualified to compete, one of the team members will be called.

The members of a team will receive an email confirmation with further details.

A two-day training course on GE’s Predix platform, a platform designed for the industrial internet of things will precede the hackathon. Predix allows developers to focus on the real problem and shortcuts the development process by making the most common services available right under their fingertips.

Six teams will win prizes starting from SR 10,000 (US$ 2,600) in addition to paid training.

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