Arabia500 Awards and Celebration at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit

by wamda, November 29, 2012

Leading up to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Dubai, the AllWorld Network is hosting the Arabia500 Awards and Celebration on December 10th, the day before the full Summit begins.

After announcing the first 130 finalists for the 2012 Arabia500, the AllWorld Network will announce the full list of 500 at the awards ceremony, with the goal of launching 500 new partnerships by the end of GES.

In describing the kinds of companies to be awarded, AllWorld Network co-founder, Deirdre Coyle said, “Here’s a company that’s water tight, is fast growing, and is a company that other companies can look to and say, they’re doing something right.”

AllWorld will also launch Xchange (an exclusive business development platform for winners), AllWorld Investor Circle, the Africa500 and SouthAsia250 in Dubai.

The Xchange will be both an online and offline platform; at the event, a room will be set aside for companies to meet, build partnerships, and find new investors.

Schedule of Events

You can find more details about the Arabia500 Awards Event here.

For additional information about the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, click here.

DATE: 10-10 Dec 2012
TIME: 07:00 pm
VENUE: Dubai World Trade Center, UAE
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