Wamda Announces Mix n' Mentor Roadshow

by wamda, February 7, 2013

UPDATE: The MixnMentor Roadshow page is now live. Check it out to see photos about last year's events and learn more about upcoming events in the region this year!

Based on the success of Mix n' Mentor in Amman, Beirut and Dubai last year, Wamda is launching a Roadshow Tour across the Middle East and North Africa in 2013.

Our first event is kicking off in Egypt on March 16th, 2013.

Co-organized with Cairo-based accelerator Flat6Labs, Mix n' Mentor Cairo will be a one day event that connects entrepreneurs, mentors and industry experts to trade advice in a casual, high-energy setting.

Whether you're starting up, trying to scale, or looking for an exit, Mix n' Mentor promises to bring you relevant advice. This isn't just another panel-driven conference with rote sound bites; it's a unique opportunity to bounce ideas off of friends and leaders and receive guidance on your entrepreneurial journey.

UPDATE: Registration for the Cairo event is now closed.

To know more about Mix N' Mentor and to check pictures from past events, click here

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