Entrepreneur of the Week: Serkan Sevim of MediaNova in Turkey [Wamda TV]

by Nina Curley,   March 5, 2013

This week, we chatted with Serkan Sevim, the founder of Medianova, one of Turkey's leading digital services companies.

Before founding the company in 2005, Sevim founded Mezun Group, an online media and telecommunications company targeting the Turkish population in the U.S., and famously founded 444cicek, a major online flower ordering site, which was bought by Cicek Sepeti in December of 2011. 

In our chat over Skype from his offices in Istanbul, Sevim, also an Endeavor Turkey entrepreneur, reveals how he worked to scale Medianova over the past 8 years by training his own staff while convincing a few critical players in the Turkish market to host on a local cloud service provider. Turkey's general improvement in internet and mobile penetration was also a critical factor, he says.

Today, the company facilitates over 1.5 billion transactions daily via its e-commerce, digital media, and cloud hosting services.

The company also generally supports startups. But if you want to get his support as an investor, he says, "If you have an idea, start it right away, and don't wait for a magical investor to support you. You should be able to start something and show them."

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