Beirut Digital District expanding into work, live, play neighborhood [Wamda TV]

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Lebanon’s Beirut Digital District is the epicenter of the country’s ecosystem. Launched in 2012, it hosts dozens of startups, and the majority of the country’s investors, incubators and accelerators. It’s also where Wamda lives.

According Mohamad Rabah, general manager of ZRE, the district is growing. BDD’s offices are hoping to incorporate companies and startups beyond those in tech, to include knowledge companies, architecture firms, design studios, art and cultural centers.

But the vision for the community is one that encapsulates elements beyond just an office space.

“We want to transform the neighborhood into a work, live and play neighborhood,” said Rabah. The BDD hopes to include housing units, hotels for visiting guests, and nurseries for working moms.

In this video interview, Rabah discusses Lebanon’s current ecosystem and the hope for a more inclusive, supportive, and diverse digital community in Lebanon.

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