Wamda is a platform designed to empower entrepreneurs in the MENA region. It takes a 360 degree approach to providing the support that entrepreneurs need, filling the gaps in the emerging MENA ecosystem via three primary platforms:

1) The Media Site: Wamda.com offers written articles, reports, and videos designed to spotlight the stories of small businesses throughout the region, inspire and educate entrepreneurs, and cover growth trends.

2) The Fund: The Wamda Capital Fund invests in early stage startups in the MENA region. The fund is industry-agonistic, investing in both tech and non-tech-focused startups. Wamda also supports startups beyond financial investment, helping them grow and maximize their potential.

3) Programs and Products: To scale its impact, Wamda is launching programs and products geared towards helping startups set up, run, and grow a company.

Wamda is run by a passionate team of entrepreneurs and experts and by a board of leading serial entrepreneurs and investors. Wamda is also supported by Abraaj Capital.


Building 1301 Marfaa, 5th floor, Mgr. Toubia Aoun Street,

Off Riad el-Solh Square, Beirut Central District, Lebanon


Wamda Ventures JLT, 

Unit No. 2H-05-203, Floor No. 5, Bldg No. 2, 

J&G, DMCC, Dubai - UAE


Mecca Street 33,11196,

Phone: +962 6 4814487

Fax:+962 6 5812413

PO Box:960913, Amman, Jordan