How You Can Adapt to the Current Mobile Trends: Mobile Mania by WPP

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Advertising and marketing company WPP's Report, Mobile Mania: A Manual for the Second Internet Revolution, offers insight into why the transition of computing onto mobile phones is the biggest shift in digital consumption occurring right now, and how you can shift your understanding to ride the wave.

A few tips offered by WPP:

1. Don’t expect a ‘eureka’ moment. Great new ideas feel uncomfortable rather than brilliant.

2. Work out a better way of validating your idea than just exposing it to other people.

3. Spend time cleaning up your idea: quite often you’ll discover that your great idea was a mashup of several quite good ideas and one really brilliant one.

4. Question all past assumptions. The flashback was considered the worst cliché in film until Anthony Zuiker revived it as the basis of storytelling within CSI.

5. Work out what’s fixed and what isn’t. Online clothes retail has been dominated by price-oriented former catalog retailers. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In the UK, online fashion company attracted fashionistas by featuring top models such as Daisy Lowe and endorsements in Elle.

6. Don’t worry about lack of logic in your process. ‘First you make the intellectual leap,’ said Einstein. ‘Then you work out how you got there.’

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