We Are in the Middle of a Revolution [Pic of the Week]

As the Egyptian elections conclude today, and strife in Syria exacerbates tensions in Lebanon recently, it's clear that the region is still in flux, with the spirit of change set into motion last year still shifting realities in the political domain. 

While the private sector waits to see if newly elected politicians in Egypt will support growth, startup support organizations aren't waiting for political changes to drive entrepreneurship. The Maghreb Startup Initiative just launched. Wamda just inked a deal with Flat6Labs in Cairo to provide follow-on funding for select startups, as we have with Oasis500. Recent Startup Weekends are on a roll in the Gulf, with Startup Weekend Dubai just passed and Startup Weekend Abu Dhabi taking place now, and new talks sprouting up at co-working space MAKE. Some may want to bring Amman Tech Tuesdays to Ramallah. These are the seeds of our revolution. 

What revolutionary ideas are inspiring your startup today? 

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