Entrepreneur of the Week: Ziad Sankari of CardioDiagnostics [Wamda TV]

This week's entrepreneur of the week is Ziad Sankari of CardioDiagnostics

At QITCOM, Qatar's IT-focused conference, he describes how he built his product, LifeSense, to provide patients at risk of heart attack with longer term remote cardiac monitoring, outside of the hospital. 

Rather than subject patients to cumbersome EKG recording, LifeSense is a GPS-enabled vest that can detect abnormalities in a patient's heartbeat and alert the hospital about his or her location and condition should they be at risk for an initial or repeat heart attack.  

Sankari describes how he was inspired to create the technology after his own father passed away due to a heart attack, and how he and his team built their own solutions without a lot of help.  

They've gone on to win 1st place at the GIST competition this past fall in Istanbul (where Ziad and his co-founder Najwa spoke to Wamda), after being listed as a finalist in this year's MIT Arab Business Plan Competition and winning the Maurice Fadel Prize for the Best Business Plan in Northern Lebanon 2011. 

"Do not overplan. Just think rationally, analyze, and go for your target. Go and do it with passion. If you're doing it for money, it's a problem. If you're doing it for the passion, you're doing to excel at it, and the money's going to come anyway," he advises entrepreneurs.

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