Where to Find Services in Dubai: Resources for Entrepreneurs in the UAE

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Similar to some of the content in the Wamda Country Info Center for the UAE, this series of articles by Kia Davis offers an up-to-date, comprehensive list of resources for entrepreneurs looking to get set up or expand in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any part of the UAE. (Also, all companies with an asterisk were founded by entrepreneurs in the UAE). The series includes the following resources:

Feel free to add reviews, recommendations, and any that we've missed, in the comment section!

Elance: A global online freelancer site for hourly or project work that has connected freelancers to over $500 million in work. 

Freelancer.com: A global freelancer website that has over 4 million members in over 240 countries, and has $588 million worth of work posted on the site to date.

Nabbesh*: A location-based skills exchange community where job posters can find relevant candidates based on their skills and interests. For more on Nabbesh, see our article on Wamda.

Odesk.com: A global online freelancer site for project or team work that allows billing for hours ‘verifiably’ worked for the client.

TasmeemME (tasmeem Middle East): An Amman and London-based regional online networking site dedicated to creative talent. Companies and individuals can share work, find the right talent to help get a project done, and connect with fellow designers.

Travel Ink: A locally recommended press release and general copywriter, can be reached at +971 50 458 5428.


Anish Creative Innovations: a recommended company that offers design, printing, photography. Can be reached at anish_ap@yahoo.com or +971 507297967.

Desco: A copy, paper, printing, and publishing chain in Dubai with several outlets throughout Dubai. It will create business cards for around AED 150 for 100 cards, starting at a 20-min turnaround.

Fresh Media: offers graphic design, corporate branding, printing, signage, exhibition stands/booths, gifts, customized items. Located in Dubai Media City, Bldg. 8, Office 31, Ground Floor.

Moo.com: A high quality global online business card design and publishing company. With a wide variety of options, it’s good for creative and non-traditional cards, and comes well-recommended.

Mycroburst: an online platform offering global logo and web design site from graphic design freelancers. Customers can name their prices and projects select from freelancer bids. 


PressPass*: A listing of PR and media contacts in the region, segmented by journalist focus and media outlet. Created by Dubai entrepreneurs David Haddad and Valencio Cardoso. @presspassme

Spoton PR: A well-known Dubai PR agency; part of the global Brodeur Network.

Purple PR: A recommended UK-based PR agency, run by Rama Sayegh and Serene Touma. 

Active PR: A PR agency based in Dubai Media City. General & Media Related Enquiries: +971 4 3900228 Business Development and Related Enquiries: +971 4 3900229.

Market Buzz PR: A PR agency that offers a range of communication services to small-to-medium enterprises and startups.


Ti22 Films*: An award-winning video production company founded by Dubai entrepreneur Reim El Houni that creates brand videos, with affordable packages for SMEs. Other high-profile projects have included government and major charities.

Luminous Photography: A website and media photography company that comes recommended. Contact Louise at +971 50 143 9610 or info@luminousphotography.me.


Akhtaboot: A regional job listing site that also has postings in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, and Jordan.

Fabric: A marketing-focused recruitment and HR consultancy with offices in London. Phone: +971 4446 9706.

Gradberry *: A jobsite for graduates, founded by Dubai entrepreneur Iba Masood, with a big focus on internships.

Laimoon: a sales and marketing-focused job search site that promises to return tailored results.

Wuzzuf: A job listing site that offers to take your skills and profile and suggest jobs for you. Careermideast’s database merged with an algorithm from startup BasharJobs.



Xcel Accounting: Accounting services from Rajeev Samtani. Comes recommended.

Arcturus Advisors: Legal support with affordable packages for startups. Contact Swati Khanna. Comes recommended. 

Prudential Middle East Legal Consultants: Legal support for all aspects of small business, especially employment disputes. Contact Sara Nauman.

The Rights Lawyers: A legal firm specialized in intellectual property law for TMT (Technology Media and Telecommunications) and the creative industries. Focus areas include brand and other IP rights owners, counterfeiting and IP infringement, franchise operations, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, IP as a primary way of raising investor value. Offices located in Dubai Media City (Shatha Tower). Phone: +971 4 3903646. 

Ramez Helou: A sales consultant, trainer, and public speaker, who is fluent in Arabic, French and Spanish, and comes recommended.


Cloudappers*: A startup in Dubai Media City, built by Dubai entrepreneur Baher Al Hakim, that builds web and mobile apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Nokia.

Ashary FZ LLE*: A web design and development, social media, sales and marketing consulting company created by a Dubai entrepreneur. Fluent in Arabic. Phone: +971 506252108 Email: nuridin@nuridinislam.com.

BlueBeetle: A Dubai-based web design company located in Dubai Studio City. Phone: +971 4 425 3515.

SME-Rebuilders: A web design & development company, offering SEO, marketing, and training for entrepreneurs. Also provides full-day workshops on business leadership skills.

Elements: A web development and maintenance company offering graphic design, app setup, social media training, and SEO. Comes recommended. Founded by the Co-Founder of Gradberry. Clients include multinational companies Mercedes, Cisco, and Microsoft Australia as well as many successful startups. Email: info@media-wave.net Phone: +61 450 164321


MyPA: A secretarial services company with offices in both the UK and Dubai, offering services ranging from managing correspondence to market analysis and price comparison.

Mashaweer: A UAE-based company offering a broad range of household and office errand services from dropping off visas at the airport to sending thank you cards.  

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