Pivoting into Social Game Development After Birdy Nam Nam: J.C. Hoelt of Gamabox [Wamda TV]

J.C. Hoelt, one of the original co-creators of popular iPhone game Birdy Nam Nam,  discusses the new mobile gaming studio, Gamabox, that he launched with partner Souad Merhebi in the wake of the Birdy Nam Nam team split.   

Hoelt discusses the socially conscious tack that Gamabox Studio is developing with two new games: Ali Hood, which will feature a character that combines Ali Baba with Robin Hood, and Save Water, which will raise awareness about water wasting in the region. "More poeple have access to a mobile phone than have access to drinkable water," Hoelt points out- so Gamabox is using a mobile game to highlight the issues. 

Hoelt also discusses how allowing game developers to publish directly on Gamabox will affect its positioning and the possibilities that it opens up in the region.

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