Adnan Haque and Mahmoud Fouz of Rocket Internet, Mizado at CoE E-Commerce

At our June CoE E-Commerce Event, Adnan Haque, Managing Director of Mizado and Mahmoud Fouz, Managing Director of Marketing at Mizado, a since-closed Rocket Internet company, discuss what it is like to work for Rocket Internet and how they managed Mizado.

Mizado closed shop earlier this year, a surprising failure for one of Rocket’s most ambitious clone companies in the region.

In this segment, Haque and Fouz discuss their experience working at Rocket and building Mizado under the larger company. Their review is generally good, but they address leaked e-mails and rumors of poor employee treatment at Rocket.

They discuss the “high expectations” within the “big rocket family” as well as their long-term plans to continue at Mizado. Unfortunately for them the startup did not work out after only 5 months of operation, but there are some very interesting insights in this chat nonetheless.

Check out the interview to see how the Amazon clone managed its employees and relationship with Rocket Internet while just starting up.

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