Apply before Nov 5th to Pitch to Silicon Valley Investors in Amman


Apply before Nov 5th to Pitch to Silicon Valley Investors in Amman

So you probably know that Silicon Valley investors Geeks on a Plane are coming to our Mix 'n' Mentor event in Amman on Nov 9th. There, entrepreneurs will get a chance to chat with them in a casual group setting where they can voice opinions and discuss the challenges of their startups.

Those that want to connect more deeply, however, can also apply to pitch to Geeks on a Plane, founder Dave McClure, and Silicon Valley-based seed fund and startup accelerator 500Startups. They're soliciting applications now, until November 5th; of those that apply, 10-15 will be chosen to pitch in an event that weekend of the 9th & 10th. 

The application is incredibly simple- all you need to do is describe your startup and why you think it would benefit from having investment from 500 Startups. 

Here is their criteria:

- Startups have to be live and have traction (users and/or revenue).
- Your startup must be solving a unique regional problem and/or be able to be scaled globally.
- Pitches will be 3 minutes long.
- You will have developed a presentation style pitch deck.
- Startups from outside Jordan are welcome (you may want to travel to Amman to pitch!).
- You should be willing to meet beforehand to review your pitch.

Why would you be interested? It's a great experience, says Omar Koudsi, co-founder of Jeeran, which took on investment from 500 startups this summer. 

"The experience has been phenomenal, and we have not even started. 500 Startups really is a family of founders and mentors helping each other to succeed. The quality of conversations they have internally result in nuggets of wisdom that will take companies in our ecosystem years to reach on their own, if ever. And I am someone who has been at this for over 10 years!

I have spent around a week at their accelerator in Mountain View, but the real fun begins when we send some of our team members to their 90 day program. So we look forward to that," says Kousdi.

Interested entrepreneurs from the entire region should check it out here, and apply before November 5th. 

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