How Turkish Startups Can Expand Into the Arab World [Wamda TV]

Cem Sertoglu of Earlybird Ventures discusses how the MENA and Turkish ecosystems have changed since last year’s Webrazzi Summit.

Earlybird Ventures has invested in Peak Games and, as an Angel Investor, Sertoglu has invested in Yemek Sepeti. He explains that Turkey is becoming a hub for new startups in the region and discusses how Turkish startups are expanding into MENA.

Some companies choose to grow their own brand by expanding into the region organically. Others choose to partner with local companies who better understand trends in the MENA region.

He also discusses the types of businesses that Earlybird Ventures tends to invest in. Since individual country markets in MENA often have very different rules and ecosystems, he explains that Earlybird tends not to invest in e-commerce platforms that require shipping across borders. Instead, Earlybird finds gaming and digital media companies more attractive, especially with MENA’s continued interest in Turkish television series and other media.

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