's Rabea Ataya on Failure, Success, and Keeping Things Fresh [Wamda TV]

In a chat at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit, Rabea Ataya of job search platform, one of the region's biggest internet companies to date, discusses his perspective on failure and what galvanized the success of Bayt.

“The way I define failure is quitting, and the way to avoid failure is by persevering, so the best way to handle it is to keep on trying, to keep on adapting to the situation… I think the single worst scenario is to give up on something,” he explains.

Ataya also chats about how a large company like stays innovative with the rise of new niche job search sites like Akhtaboot, Laimoon, and Nabbesh.

“The more choice you give either side, the more likely you are to succeed,” he says, “However, choice without great filtering technology, is useless. If you have a haystack, you need to be able to help users find that needle in the haystack.”

Ataya explains the fields is adding to more effectively filter candidates as well as how the team is helping employers and employees leverage their own networks when searching for the right fit.

He also addresses how is helping startups in particular and why companies in the Middle East and North Africa should focus on building a global presence. 

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