Marwan Ziadat from Darebni TV Talks about the First Online Training Program in the Region [Wamda TV]


During the ArabNet 2012, we spoke to Marwan Ziadat, CEO and co-Founder of Darebni TV, about how the idea started, what are their challenges and how are they overcoming them.

Marwan, who attended for the first time ArabNet, was impressed with the abundance of new ideas. Darebni TV - “train me” in Arabic - is the first training website in the Arab region that offers certified training programs by certified instructors only in Arabic. The program launched recently and aims at helping people refine their skills to find new job opportunities or to develop their career path. They specialize in design but plan to cover all IT subjects and other practical subjects such as art, music, soft skills and business skills. After working in the offline training industry for 8 years, Marwan explains the reasons why he wanted to go online, what were the main challenges and how are they aiming to target offline markets in an efficient and broad way.  

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