Think of the People, Not the Money [Pic of the Week]

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During episode two of Wamda's Mix N' Mentor in Beirut last Saturday, November 10th, one word kept coming up at the discussion tables where mentors and entrepreneurs were exchanging: "people."

Walid Mansour of MEVP said, when speaking with Kunal Kapoor founder of The Luxury Closet: "We invest in the people, we invest in people who know very well what they are doing."

During another discussion, entrepreneur Abdallah Chamas was expressing his frustration over not finding the right skills to partner with on his project, and other participant responses kept pushing him to look for the "right people," not just skills.

It seems to me that many members in the entrepreneurial ecosystem get bogged down at some point in economic issues like where the money is going, how to make as much profit as possible, how to find the most hard working partner, and how to get investment quickly if at all.

But lately, I realized the scene is changing quickly and investors are often more interested in who they are investing in more than what, while entrepreneurs are truly believing in the abilities of their partners and businesses, and interactivity in this ecosystem is bringing entrepreneurs new trust and friendship.

While on the plane to Dubai for our 3rd Mix N' Mentor this month, I find myself looking forward to witnessing more of this impressive network that is working hard to push the ecosystem further towards innovation, creativity, openness and development.

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