Jordan's Quirkat releases first game from the Arab World for PlayStation Mobile


Jordan's Quirkat releases first game from the Arab World for PlayStation Mobile

Alongside PlayStation’s recent launch of PlayStation Mobile (PSM), Jordanian gaming startup Quirkat recently released a new game, Word Blocked.

The new title is a word-search game that revolves around a cube of letters that can be twisted and turned to make word combinations, much like a rubix cube.

The game offers two modes of play: timed and relaxed. In the timed mode the player must find as many words as possible in under 2 minutes, with tools like bombs and missiles to reset or change letters on the cube. Relaxed mode challenges players to maximize the word count and value of their words with unlimited time. This round continues until the player either gets bored or the cube runs out of words.

The game is actually pretty interactive, players don’t just see one surface; they can turn the cube and build words on all six surfaces of the 3-D cube. But it's interesting that they decided to create the game for PlayStation Mobile and not as an iOS or Android app.

“We’ve worked with PlayStation platforms before. We’re very comfortable with PlayStation and they support us a lot,” says Marketing Manager Rawan Sha'ban. “They’ve made it really easy for developers to actually develop for the PlayStation Mobile.”

PlayStation Mobile was released on October 3, and Quirkat’s Word Blocked was the only title included from the Arab world. The game is only playable on PlayStation-compatible devices, which include some Sony Android phones. “It’s very exciting for us because they contacted us and we were part of the launch lineup,” adds Sha’ban. “They only had 21 games in their lineup and we were one of those.”

Although PlayStation hasn’t provided Quirkat with the number of users yet, PlayStation expects big things from the startup in selecting them as the only licensed developer for PSM in the region.

“From the point at which we were approached by Sony to develop for the PlayStation Mobile platform, it took us around 8 weeks to get the job done from concept to submission. We had a lot of support from the Sony team and were thrilled to have them select us for their launch lineup,” says Studio Head Candide Kirk.

Though the games Quirkat develops for PlayStation Mobile remain exclusively on PlayStation’s platforms, Quirkat continues to develop mobile and social games for other platforms as well. “However, we do focus on PlayStation because we are the only ones here [in the region],” explains Sha’ban.

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