Navigating the Legal Maze [Pic of the Week]

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Navigating the “legal maze” can be quite a challenge, especially if you plan to expand outside of one country. Issues such as customs, tariffs, shipping logistics, and political conflicts can all act as staunch barriers to entry in other countries.

In the Arab world, where each country has very different laws and regulations for new products entering their market, it can be dizzying to try and understand all the paperwork, filings, and requirements for doing business in a new place.

In order to overcome these hurdles, it’s critical to begin to understand and strategize how to make your way through the legal maze that each new market and expansion can bring.

Wamda just launched a short series on registering and licensing companies in Lebanon, a useful step in understanding how to incorporate and legally register your company in Lebanon. We hope to do similar series for other countries in the region over the next year to help companies understand the laws governing each country in the region.

Hopefully down the road entrepreneurs and stakeholders can help governments change regulations and craft policy that is more business-friendly to make starting up an easier process across the region.

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