4 Project Management Mobile Apps for Startups

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In our first post in this series on productivity, we focused on apps that could help you organize daily tasks. In this second post, we shed the light on 4 useful applications that will help entrepreneurs to manage their projects, especially those that are web-based.  



This application combines advanced project management features with an easy and direct interface. Xplan helps project managers delegate assignments, follow up on execution, track expenses, and organize and categorize resources, and present data in a very accessible form.

Xplan also helps you update your team or investors about the project’s development by digesting project information into a pre-prepared PDF or XML report, or via its xView site. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac computers, for US $50. 

Pivotal Tracker

pivotal tracker

Pivotal Tracker is primarily used by app developers and programmers, offering them a tool to easily manage bugs and new tasks. This web-based service uses an application for iOS-operated devices that allows all team members to check the project simultaneously.

Managers can specify priorities for team members, while team members can communicate directly to discuss sketches for features. The service also provides a live presentation of the amount of work already accomplished in a form of a real time graphic presentation.  


Mavenlink is a web-based service equipped with an interface for mobile phones, compatible with most recent smartphones. It's compatible with Google Apps and provides most project management features, especially team communication features like mail-conferencing and the ability to access previous discussions on a specific part of the project.




The creators of famous customer relationship management platform Salesforce have brought us Do, an application for web, iPhone, and Android that allows you to run a business and manage projects while using an elegant interface. 

This application is undoubtedly the best option for SalesForce services as both are highly compatible.

The service is available in several packages, one of which is free, while the others range between US $15 and US $100.

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