Keep Dreaming and Work Hard [Pic of the Week]

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Despite the conflicts, instability and misfortunes hitting some Arab countries lately, it is refreshing to note that Arab communities are not giving in to misery and are still working hard to follow their dreams.

Egypt can set a good example. This week on Wamda we covered a social project called Mante2ty an intiative to develop and revive local neighborhoods, in addition to a touristical startup called Rouqaya's Ranch that is working to put Egypt's tourism back on its feet.

Let's learn from the Egyptian example and keep striving, working hard, and dreaming. Even if you are based in a struggling country, struggle along and keep pushing forward.

Many wonder how they can contribute to their communities while working on something they are passionate about. Hunt for new ideas while walking in the streets, driving to work, having a coffee with friends or even while in the shower! Dream of how you can make them happen and begin to figure out when to start and who would be your perfect team.

Then you will notice that day after day, that dream, that idea might fit into your reality. Enthusiasm will grab you and you might consider seriously starting up. Once you reach this point, jump in. Don't let anything stall you, and most importantly work VERY hard towards making this dream come true!

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