Accelerating the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in the Arab World [Workshop]

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At Silatech's recent Arab Youth & Entrepreneurship conference, speakers worked to bring together the elements that constitute a functioning ecosystem that can support entrepreneurs and transform opportunities in the region. 

In Wamda's first ecosystem workshop, Wamda CEO Habib Haddad gave a talk summarizing the crucial elements at work, introducing the roles that Human Capital, Finance, Culture, Policy, and Markets each play in a functional entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

After discussing how each of these elements reinforces the others, Habib asked an expert at each of several tables to lead discussions focused on 5 final questions.

  1. What is the role of formal/informal education? 
  2. What are the financing gaps in the region?
  3. Can we change the culture to be supportive? 
  4. What can governments do/ not do? 
  5. Can the private sector play a role? If so, how? 

As they reviewed the various solutions each table came up with, Habib led a new discussion about the commonalities between these solutions, illustrating how these elements work together. 

For an overview, watch his Prezi talk below. 

Those interested in hosting a Wamda workshop on ecosystems or entrepreneurship-related topics can contact:

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