What It Means to Stay Yalla [Pic of the Week]

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At the World Economic Forum 2013 in Davos, Switzerland last month, Wamda CEO Habib Haddad gave a talk on the importance of “Thinking Ahead,” and what that truly means for entrepreneurs.

The doodle above is a visual representation of his talk, which encouraged entrepreneurs to transform their energy into positive change by being resilient and improvising solutions to the challenges that they face in an emerging market.

Staying "Yalla," as he says, means staying agile and planning the next steps, but not overplanning and becoming too attached to a single method or platform.

For the ecosystem to flourish, it needs the bottom-up emergence of new innovators, not too much top-down bureaucracy, which can stifle creativity. While governments and the private sector should play a role in supporting entrepreneurs, startup founders also need to have the autonomy in order to fail, iterate, and ultimately succeed.

Building a supportive global ecosystem will also spur new economic growth, but it's critical that each element play its role. Investors, mentors, policymakers, media, hackers: yalla!

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