What Would You Do If You Had Google Glass?

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Google Glass has arrived. Google’s new demo video, released yesterday, reveals some of the wildest and most touching ways it could transform our ability to share experiences:

Receiving a pair will cost $1,500 and will take some creativity; Google is running a competition on Twitter and Google+ to offer hopefuls a chance to secure a pair by describing “what you would do if you had Glass, starting with the hashtag #ifihadglass.”

It’s only open to those who live in the U.S. currently, but the videos and photos coming out of the competition promise to be excellent eye candy.

Remember Pranav Mistry’s amazing TED talk about recreating a computer in the real world? Google Glass, which operates without keyboards or touch screens, thanks to a virtual interaction pad, is certainly a step towards Mistry’s world, where “you can carry your digital world with you, wherever you go, using any surface as an interface.”

For entrepreneurs, it will eventually open up an entirely new dimension of social sharing to integrate with: augmented reality gaming apps, applications that allow artists and performers to share their experiences with their fans, maps that guide people through difficult treks (or Middle Eastern cities), apps that offer overlays of statistics and replays for live sports viewing, gamified education or personal training apps; with the possibility to enhance feedback on personal actions in the future, it could completely transform our systems of incentivization.

Of course, Mistry’s goal was to make the technology much, much cheaper and more accessible; the true disruption will occur when this technology becomes widely adoptable.

What would you do if you had Glass? 

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