Egyptian Startup Seeks to Streamline Travel Booking in the Middle East [Wamda TV]


At the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, we chatted with Hussein Al-Sakkaf, Founder and CEO of Go Ejaza, a travel planning platform for the Middle East.  

The website helps travelers plan their entire trip, from airplane tickets to hotel booking and activities. “It is a + + planning tools combined,” explains Al-Sakkaf. He and his brother Abdallah launched the company in December 2012, after realizing how hard it is to search for online travel information and hotel booking in the region.

Their team of five is based in Cairo, where Al-Sakkaf says it’s easier to find good talent and developers. In the future, he plans to keep the development team in Cairo and build a business development team in Dubai or KSA. The company received seed funding from Flat6Labs just six months ago.

Watch this short interview with Hussein Al-Sakkaf to see how they’re going mobile and plan to expand to other countries.  

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