The Mini Entrepreneur becomes a WamdaCard member

Curious about how WamdaCard can help your startup? In this episode, the Mini Entrepreneur learns about WamdaCard's offers, applies for the program, and starts redeeming benefits to build his own startup.

Fresh out of private beta, WamdaCard's benefits include discounts on web design, travel, advertising, office space, shipping, consulting, coworking spaces, events and job postings, among others, and Wamda is regularly adding new partners to the program.

Benefits include:

  • Google Adwords voucher
  • 20% off from Aramex domestic and international shipping
  • 15% off for 12 months at email service SendGrid
  • 3 months free subscription at music platform Deezer
  • Free admission to any of Wamda's Mix N' Mentor Events
  • Discounts on events including Le Web, The Mobile Show, and The Global App Summit

For more about WamdaCard, check out Wamda's announcement here, or visit to apply today! To see out the full list of offers, click here.

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