Starting A Company from Home: Salma's Chocolates in Oman [Wamda TV]


We chatted with Salma Al Hajri at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, co-founder of Salma’s Chocolates in Oman which specializes in making Omani chocolates.

Salma and her sister Aisha started the company in 2009 from their home and were the first chocolatiers in Oman. They make chocolate using local ingredients such as Omani honey, milk, thyme, ginger and lemon, as well as Belgium chocolate. Salma’s Chocolates buy products from local farmers in an attempt to support local workers and contribute to the growth in the local economy.

“We started with OMR 5 (USD $10) and bought a few raw products, then worked on making chocolate from home,” Salma revealed. After two years, they opened a small shop and received support from the Ministry of Commerce. Salma hopes to build a successful model that will inspire youth in Oman and in the region to start their own project.

Watch this short interview where Salma reveals some of the key challenges she faced as well as their future expansion plans.


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