Weekly Wrap-Up: March 31- April 4

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Whether you're at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, about to make an exceptional exit, or just observing the Arab market, check this week's posts for a glimpse of what might be the next big trend in the region.

Wamda Announces Mix N' Mentor Doha

Wamda announces MixNMentor DohaThis month, the team will be heading to Doha for the second stop of the 2013 Mix N' Mentor Roadshow. This event is in partnership with Silatech and the MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition. Find out more about it here and register here - we're thrilled to be heading your way! 

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Articles you Might have Missed 

Meet Qatar's First Raw and Vegan Food Company 

Raw METhe number of Qatari citizens battling obesity is on the rise, but this startup aims to provide them with all the support they need to get fit, in the form of delicious organic, low-cal meals or nutrience-packed juices. Find out what their plans are in this post.

8 Hackerspaces Changing the Arab World

8 hackerspaces changing the arab worldWith so many success stories originating from hackerspaces/makerspaces, it's no surprise that the Arab world, with the recent surge of local and community initatives, is adopting the trend. Find out where the next revolutionary idea might be coming from here.

TIEC Launches Nationwide Start IT Business Plan Competition: Deadline April 18

TIEC launches Start IT

Last month, the Egyptian Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) launched “Start IT”, a business plan competition targeting entrepreneurs - and the deadline for submissions is coming up! How did their launch go? Find out in this post.

How Hsoub Bootstrapped its Way to Success 

HsoubCan this startup compete with Google for ad space? Launched with a few hundred dollars a couple of years ago, Hsoub is already serving more than 200 million ads/month to the Arab region. How did they pull it off? 

Wamda Hosts Virtual Mentorship Session with Entrepreneurs from Gaza

Wamda hosts virtual mentorship session with entrepreneurs from GazaAfter Mix N' Mentor Cairo, a number of entrepreneurs from Gaza contacted us, expressing their regret at not being able to make it into Cairo for the event. So, after discussing the issue with some of the mentors in our network, we decided to host a live mentorship session to connect with a few of these inspirational entrepreneurs from Gaza. Watch it here.

Egypt: a Mass of People, Innovation, and Hope

Egypt, a mass of people, innovation, and hopeThis week, we chose to feature a great piece written by one of our readers, WebTeb CEO Mahmoud Kaiyal on our Community blog. What, in his opinion, is Egypt's true treasure? Find out in this post.

How Peer-to-peer platform Are Disrupting Bank Lending Around the World

Peer to peer lendingWith trust in the usual banking systems on the decline, entrepreneurs and other small to medium-sized enterprises have been resorting to a new model that is more in line with their needs: peer-to-peer lending. What does this mean for entrepreneurs and what are the possible drawbacks? Find out in this post.

Sketch in Motion founders launch BeeLabs to Build Educational Apps for Kids

BeeLabsRealizing there was a big gap in localized Arabic content, especially when it comes to cartoon animation, these two entrepreneurs merged their efforts to launch BeeLabs. Their 3 releases average on 14,000 downloads each. But how are they doing? Find out in this post.

5 Uncommon Tips for Managing your Virtual Team

uncommon tips for managing your virtual teamToday, there is a high probability that you don't limit your hires to people located in the same country. So how do you manage a virtual team, aside from the common tip of "keeping communication channels open"? Check out these 5 uncommon tips.


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