What are the most popular mobile phones and operating systems in the UAE?

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While Android is still the most popular operating system in terms of global sales, followed next by iOS, Nokia is dominating the biggest share of the mobile phone market in the UAE, according to a study by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority TRA. The study takes into account UAE mobile phone market share by manufacturer, model, and operating system.

Below is a visual representation of the study's data with a few highlights noted here: 

  • Nokia dominates the biggest share of the mobile phone market in the UAE, at 50% of all mobile phones owned by citizens in the UAE. Blackberry and Samsung tie for second with 10.7% each.
  • The inexpensive Nokia 1280 gained the number one spot for the most used mobile phone in the UAE, showing that the mobile phone market in the UAE, as in many other Arab countries, is saturated by cheaper mobile phones, despite the growth of smartphones’ sales regionally. This is particularly obvious in the dominant position of Nokia and Symbian phones.
  • Smartphone usage continues to grow in the UAE, where the iPhone 4S is the second most popular mobile phone. Apple is very popular in the UAE, and iOS is the second most popular mobile operating system, with a 13.8% market share.
  • In addition to iPhone 4S, the list of most popular smartphones in the UAE includes the iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy SIII, the iPhone 5 and Blackberry 9900.
Check out more of the study's findings in the graphics below.

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