Qordoba launches social media translation service as Arabic web use grows [Infographic]

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Arabic is the fastest-growing language on the internet. Not only are the majority of users (22 million out of 44 million) in the Arab world using Arabic to search, buy, and socialize on Facebook, it will be the 4th most-used language on the web in 2015, after English, Chinese, and Spanish.

These are a few of the stats that translation platform Qordoba has released to mark the launch of its new service that will help social media users tweet or post in other languages, in real time.

For those hoping to target a new demographic, especially one in Arabic, Qordoba will offer companies or individuals the chance to work with in-country native speakers trained in social media who will convert their posts, to capture the nuances of local dialects and fit word-counts, feats that go beyond standard translation.

While it’s based in Dubai, Qordoba is hardly Arabic-exclusive; its most popular languages are English, Arabic, French, Russian, Mandarin, Farsi, and Turkish, and it recently translated its 5 millionth word on a Mandarin translation job.

The new social service will offer 50 languages, leveraging the network of 650 linguists that Qordoba has built since its launch in 2011. Sister company Qorboda Books also works with the same network to help users convert, publish, and distribute electronic content online.

Disclosure: Wamda Capital has invested in Qordoba.

Check out the infographic below (click the image or here for a larger version):

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