Weekly Wrap-Up: June 9-13

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Throughout your entrepreneurial journey, you will notice that the strength of your business lies in its people. Your co-founder, partner, colleagues, employees will become a family of their own as you work hard to make everyday count for you startup, as well as for your personal development. What have you implemented to keep on empowering your employees?

You left us so soon! To Karim Jazouani, Champion of Moroccan entrepreneurship

Karim Jazouani Champion of Moroccan EntrepreneurshipThis week found us with a heavy heart here at Wamda, after the loss of one of the Wamda family members and top contributors, Karim Jazouani. In his letter, Wamda CEO Habib Haddad says goodbye to the Champion of Moroccan entrepreneurship

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Casablanca gets a new co-working space: New Work Lab launches to support Morocco's entrepreneurs 

New Work LabCasablanca has a brand new spot for ambitious change-makers to work from and socialize now that New Work Lab has opened its doors. Read about the space's 5 different areas and their themes and what type of networking events they'll be hosting.

A global startup stock exchange platform just launched. Is it a good bet for Arab startups?

Startup Stock Exchange

Startup Stock Exchange (SSX) launched to help small companies go public and sell shares, aiming to be one of the world's first major stock exchanges for startups. Find out what Moroccan VIP-only.ma, one of the first two startups to debut on SSX, is looking to raise and what are the steps for startups wishing to apply.

How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign: 10 tips from entrepreneurs who succeeded and failed

How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign

For some, the power of crowdfunding has definitely proven itself - especially if we take the recent case of Instabeat's quick raise of US $60,000. But is crowdfunding a solution for everyone? Check out 10 tips from entrepreneurs who campaigned to raise funds from the crowd. 

Would your kids play in an online world? Dubai design agency RBBi launches Worldoo

WorldooDesign agency RBBi is expanding from brands to children's content via their new interactive online community for children aged 7-14, Worldoo, after spending months researching what children and parents want to see. How will they scale? Find out in this post.

What women want at work in Qatar: conclusions from W4Women Doha

What women want at workLast month, we hosted 3 Wamda for Women roundtable discussions in Doha, Amman, and Riyadh. What do the women entrepreneurs who joined us in Qatar have to share on stereotypes, role models, and the challenges we need to overcome to build a healthier work environment? Find out in this post.

A look at Mediaquest's acquisition of AME Info: is advertising alone a viable model?

Mediaquest acquires AMEInfoLaunched in 1993, AME Info has built an audience of over 2.4 million unique visitors monthly, and is seen by most as the go-to source for business news on the web in English. While the site, along with recently launched sister site SME Info, heavily depends on an advertising-led model, will it be enough to draw in more revenue? Find out in this post.

Who's investing in Egypt? A look at economic trends following the revolution [Report]

who is investing in egyptDespite the revolution, Egypt has definitely witnessed growth in web and mobile penetration, as well as significant increase in investment. What are the top sources of foreign investment from 2011 and 2012?

Why the Arab world needs more women in the workforce

TamakkanTamakkan is an NGO offering seminars to entrepreneurs. Their latest talk, "The Rise of Women Entrepreneurship – Vision and Innovation”, brought both Emirati and non-Emirati women, as well as men- to discuss the challenges women entering the workforce still face today. Find out what the highlights of their talk were.

Scaling a lean startup in Iraq: how Easy Bites took Erbil by storm

Easy Bites IraqTo succeed, the founders of Easy Bites, an online food delivery site, knew they first had to take a step toward solving Iraq's major addressing problem. What approach did they take and where do they plan on expanding first? Find out in this post

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