Weekly Wrap-Up: June 30 - July 4

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If there's a main lesson to extract from this week's content, it's how important it is to always be ready- always have a clear way to explain what you do, how you can help, and what you need- as you never know when you might meet the next person to make an impact on your entrepreneurial journey.

We're heading to Morocco for Mix N' Mentor Casablanca this Saturday, July 6th. Make sure you tune in to catch the Opening remarks and Fireside chat via live.wamda.com.

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How to track your website's progress on Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsIf you're not tracking metrics, you might be missing out on some valuable information about your business. Here's how to define your KPIs, and get set using Google Analytics.

Three steps to a great elevator pitch

three steps to a great elevator pitchYou've looked up the list of speakers at an upcoming conference, and you've spotted the name of someone who's inspired you to start up. At the day of the event, you jump in to introduce yourself, you either completely fail to answer their question "What can I do for you?", or not. Here's how to win at the elevator pitch.

6 unsettled debates from ArabNet Dubai

ArabNet Digital SummitArabNet was one of the year's biggest conferences, offering the region a chance to mingle with the creme de la creme of the business and tech world. Find out what the highlights of the three-day conference were.

10 tips for adopting the right entrepreneurial mindset

Tips for adopting the right entrepreneurial mindsetThere's no secret recipe for success, but there are definitely guidelines to help you make sure you don't deviate (too much) from the right direction. Check out these 10 commandments to make sure you think like an Entrepreneur.

How will Project Loon handle governments? Google answers our questions

How Project Loon handles governmentsGoogle's Project Loon aims to solve the great connectivity issue by providing "balloon-powered internet for everyone". How will it handle different governments' policies and regulations? We asked Google, and here's what they said.

Arab entrepreneurs spread the Power of Yalla

Arab Entrepreneurs spread the Power of YallaDo you often come across inspiring stories of peer entrepreneurs? Find out what the Power of Yalla represents, how it pulses through the region, and how you can unlock it at your own startup in this post by Wamda CEO Habib Haddad.

What tools do developers prefer when building a mobile app? [Infographic]

Tools developers prefer when building an app74% of developers around the world use two or more platforms. Find out which tools are the most popular among developers and what the revenue distribution is like per mobile platform in this infographic by VisionMobile.

Wizards founders build new mobile gaming company at 500 Startups Silicon Valley

Wizards founders build new mobile gaming companyFollowing an investment in their new startup Tamatem from 500 Startups in Silicon Valley, the team behind Wizards Production is aiming to build the next Arabic hit. Find out about it here

Why Ahmed Nassef left Yahoo: A look at Telfez, his new social TV startup

Why Ahmed Nassef left YahooAhmed Nassef played a key role in Maktoob's growth until its acquisition by Maktoob in 2009- now, he's focusing on his own startup, Telfez. So what are the biggest challenges that a social TV startup faces in the region?

Is it better to host a big launch or have a soft roll out for your product?

Is it better to host a big launch or have a soft roll out for your product?Your product is practically ready for the public, and you're preparing to announce. Here at Wamda, we were curious to know what our audience thought the next step should be; big launch, or soft roll-out? Check out the results from the poll.

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