Weekly Wrap-Up: August 04-08

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How Wamda’s Mix N’ Mentor Roadshow is supporting entrepreneurs in 2013 

Wamda Mix N MentorOver the first half of 2013, we were very happy to host 6 Mix N' Mentor events in 6 different cities across the region. Find out more about how Mix N' Mentor is supporting entrepreneurship in the region and where we're headed next with this infographic.

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Why sharing your ideas can change the world: the power of email

Why sharing your ideas can change the worldIf you've ever had a good idea cross your mind, but ended up doing nothing about it, then this post is for you. Check out these 3 examples of how sharing your ideas, even via email, could help affect positive change in the world.

5 common PR mistakes to avoid at your startup

PR mistakesWe often discount PR as a simple set of techniques to represent ourselves. But not everyone is built to detect PR blunders. Find out if you're making any of these mistakes at your startup.

How Hmizate raised $1.6 million in a plane

HmizateFinding an investor doesn't happen overnight; entrepreneurs often need to build and nurture a relationship with their investment partner. So how did Hmizate founder Kamal Reggad secure investment just by striking up a conversation with a stranger on a plane? Find out in this post.

How to teach the arts: debunking the myth of creativity

Debunking the myth of creativityIn his most recent post on Wamda, co-founder of Arab Development Initiative Oubai Elkerdi explores the liberating effect discipline can have on art. Find out why "art" and "discipline" are not necessarily antonyms.

Is mandatory military service hurting entrepreneurship in Egypt?

Military service in EgyptIn Egypt, military service is still mandatory, and all males between the ages of 18-30 are required to serve for a period of 12 to 36 months. So what happens to young entrepreneurs who have just started up their own venture? Find out in this post by Wamda contributor Jonathan Kalan as he explores what impediments the mandatory military service could be causing.

What is your favorite advertising model?

Advertising modelsWhich region has the highest cost per click rate for advertising online? Find out what type of advertising is most popular in the Middle East, as well as what tools startups can take advantage of to boost their brand.

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