#Let #The #Hypers #Hype, The Doers Will Do


#Let #The #Hypers #Hype, The Doers Will Do

Today, I had an interesting exchange on Twitter with the founder of one of the most promising consumer startups in the Middle East. He basically was annoyed with the increased level of baseless hype that is sometimes happening in the Middle Eastern entrepreneurship ecosystem.

This kind of hype is by no means limited to the region, it happens in most ecosystems but in reality, it is a good sign. I am sure when you were kids, you had a role model you tried to mimic, mine was Michael Jordan. I had posters of him all over my room, I used to watch the videos documenting his best (and worst) moves, I even had a very large collection of cards of him (I still do by the way). I was trying to be like him, I wanted to be like him.

It's no different with young aspiring entrepreneurs who call themselves entrepreneurs and mimic the lifestyle of an established entrepreneur, they need to eventually snap out of it and get to action, and some will convert to hard working ones, but in the meantime the downside of the hype is only limited to them. Either way it should not be looked at as a bad sign.

Let the hypers hype, some of them will convert others won't, in the meantime the doers will do. The bottom line is that the market doesn't care, entrepreneurs eventually only have that to answer to.

What do you think?

Thank you

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