The most popular websites in Algeria [Infographic]

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Due to several technological issues, including the 3G debacle, Algeria is behind most other countries in the region when it comes to the Internet. Out of its 49 million inhabitants only 11 million use the Internet. But where do they go once they’re online? In this infographic, Iheb Tekkour, a web-marketing blogger, lists the most-visited websites in Algeria.

It comes as no surprise that the four most-visited websites are the American titans Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Yahoo. What is surprising, however, is that the fifth website is a Chinese contender, Baidu.

Overall, the top 20 only counts 6 Algerian websites, including the classified website Ouedkniss, the news portals Elheddaf, Echoroukonline, Elkhabar, and Ennaharonline, and the forum Startimes.

What’s striking is the absence of any Algerian e-commerce or innovative website in the top 70, at the exception of Ouedkniss. This is understandable given the challenges Algerians face in even accessing the Internet, much less creating original websites. But in order for the Internet to be integrated into local culture, Algeria needs its own e-commerce, daily deals, event, gaming websites.

Some people have recently started creating events and organizations, like TechCamp and TEDx, to help entrepreneurs build a productive online ecosystem. Do you think this will help?

Click on the infographic or here for a larger version.

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