Weekly Wrap-Up: October 13-17

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On behalf of the Wamda team, we'd like to wish you and your family a happy Eid!

Thank you for making Mix N' Mentor Beirut such a great day!

Mix N Mentor Beirut

Last Saturday, we hosted our second Mix N' Mentor event in Beirut at La Magnanerie. We'd like to thank our sponsors and partners for making the event possible, and especially our attendees for making it such an inspiring day. Let's keep the conversation going on the Mix N' Mentor community page.

Upcoming Events

Be sure to check wamda.com/events, or follow @WamdaME on Twitter to stay up to date about more of the regiona's top events! 

Articles you might have missed

Why technology is not always the solution for better education

Is technology always the solution for better educationIs technology the definite avenue for transforming education? Read Wamda contributor Oubai Elkerdi to understand what might be getting lost in the equation.

How to identify a startup opportunity

Startup opportunitiesThe most successful entrepreneurs identify opportunities in finding solutions to problems. But what makes a startup idea a real opportunity? Read this post by Wamda contributor Muhanad Sabha as he lists three notions to keep in mind.

The story of Yahoo's acquisition of Maktoob [Case Study]

Yahoo MaktoobOften cited as the biggest success story from the Middle East, Maktoob's story begins when founders Hussam Khoury and Samih Toukan sought to launch the first Arabic email service. Here's how the Maktoob story unfolded.

How does the Arab world's mobile market compare to the rest of the world? [Infographic]

Arab world mobile market versus global trendsAccording to this infograhic, there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people by the end of 2013. With smartphone penetration rates going from 50% in Jordan to 16% in Morocco, how does the Arab world mobile market compare to other nations? Managing editor Maya has the details.

Put global recruiting trends to work in your job search

Global recruiting trendsLooking to grow your team? Check out four recruiting trends you could make use of to find the best fit for your startup.

Dubai's Emaar launches $100 million fund for emerging designers

Emaar announces fundEmaar, the Middle East's biggest developer has recently announced a US $100 million fund to support emerging fashion designers in the region. Here's more on the developer and the focus of the fund.


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