Weekly Wrap-Up: November 24-28

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Announcing our Wamda Plane travelers!

Wamda PlaneThe Wamda Plane trip is all set, and we have very noteworthy Saudi bloggers and entrepreneurs on board! We're extremely pleased to be joined by:

  • Ahmed Elasra, Qhat
  • Rafah Alkhatib,  Reach Holdings                 
  • Hemza Benahcene, Transline Solutions      
  • Piotr Yordanov, Beepl                               
  • Ali Alghamdi, Enteqa                                  
  • Lamya Bafaqer, LenoShop  
  • AbdelAziz Zwier, ArbDroid.com
  • Abdullah Konash, indiegd.com
  • Ahmed AlMustafa, Electrony.net
  • Tariq Buhilaigah, the Saudipreneurship initiative
  • Saad AlQahtani, ArabTech
  • Hisham El Hag

Upcoming Events

Be sure to check wamda.com/events, or follow @WamdaME on Twitter to stay up to date on the region's top upcoming events! 

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Experienced entrepreneurs battle at Startup Weekend Ramallah

Startup Weekend RamallahPalestine has its share of challenges, but despite any setbacks, its startup ecosystem is certainly maturing. Meet the winning teams of Startup Weekend Ramallah and find out why this wasn't an ordinary Startup Weekend event.

Ad network ikoo closes offices in Saudi, Kuwait and Egypt for strategic refocusing

ikooIn parallel with the launch of its video advertising service, ikoo recently received US $3 million in investment from STC Ventures. Here's why its decision to close shop in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Egypt is part of their strategic refocusing.

Can SearchinMENA.com raise the funds it needs to build an Alibaba for the Middle East?

SearchInMENASearchInMENA.com has been in the works for 3 years, and is now finally ready for its big break. With a little more than 53% of the total amount raised via crowd-investing, can SearchInMENA reach its goal?

How are teenagers using social networks? Can Shots of Me surpass Facebook?

Shots of MeIf Facebook is 'boring', Path is too exclusive and LinkedIn is out of the question, then where are teenagers, a company's most coveted target audience, spending their time? Here's why Shots of Me could join the ranks of Twitter and Instagram. 

New trends in the global mobile game industry [Infographic]

Trends in the Global Mobile Game industryWhen it comes to mobile games, what region has the biggest market share? Find out more on mobile gaming trends in the region and around the world in this infographic.

Meet the all-woman gaming community igniting creative culture in Saudi Arabia

GConGaming convention G-Con is led by 23-year-old Tasneem Salim, and a group of women gamers. So how do you build one of the biggest women-only gaming events in the world, from Saudi Arabia?

The Middle East gets its first peer-to-peer lending site, with Sharia compliance

LiwwaRecently-launched Liwwa is the region's first peer-to-peer lending site that is Sharia compliant. Here's the story behind it, how it works and where it looks to expand to next, after piloting it in Amman.  

6 of the hottest smartwatches: fashion trend or smartphone alternative?

SmartwatchesTechnology has come a long way since Motorola first introduced its hand-held cell phone in 1973. Read about the 6 hottest smartwatches around.

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