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The web is full of articles and videos that explain how to buy a domain, build a website and make it SEO-friendly. However, the majority of this content is not available in Arabic.

21-year-old Shadi Halloun is changing that. After working in online marketing field for 8 years in Palestine and founding, he decided to draw on his personal experience to write Arabmarketer, the first comprehensive online guide in Arabic for buidling a webpage. 

The guide covers several topics, including: how to buy a domain and register a website, programming and coding, how to design pages, logos and categories, how to add plugins, building a YouTube channel and create videos, marketing your brand on social media, attracting visitors, adding a map, make your website SEO friendly, and generating revenue from your content.

The writer, who previously wrote a Community Post on Wamda about SEO tips and tricks, also includes in the e-book a list of tech blogs to follow and links to his own Arabic how-to videos.

I found the online guide easy to read. All of its technical words were written in English, consistent with common web terminology, and the format is clear, using many explanatory screenshots, short paragraphs and bullet points. It could use a summary of the topics at the beginning, but otherwise, it's easy to understand.

“I've been working in the online marketing field for more than seven years,” says Halloun, “and I saw that there's no e-book in Arabic to explain the whole process, from buying a domain and creating a website, to marketing and monetizing it, [although] there are hundreds of these in all other languages.”  

The book can be downloaded for free here.  

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