Weekly Wrap-Up: January 05-09

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Running your startup

In the last two weeks, there's been a lot of buzz around job titles and hierarchy within companies. With Medium and Zappos leading the holacratic pack - they operate in circles and have abolished rigid job titles - many a startup have shared their excitment and endorsement of the model, with the aim of following suit. But is the "flat" model adapted to all types of organizations? We want to hear your thoughts on this - let's discuss. -SNP

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Articles you Might have Missed

Slow and steady: How Jordan's tasmeemME built the Behance of the Middle East 

How TasmeemME built the Behance of the Middle EastEntrepreneurship is almost always about dusting yourself off and standing right back up after a fall- and Noor El Fadl from TasmeeemME proves to be a great example. Here’s the story of how she navigated her startup to successfully overcome challenges.

Palestinian startup MobiStine to launch free healthcare app for new parents

MobiStine launches app for new parentsFounded in 2011, Palestinian app development startup MobiStine is now ready to launch an app aiming to help pregnant women and new parents connect to healthcare and lifestyle information and services, in Arabic. How exactly? Read this post by contributor Eric Reidy to find out.

What Uber’s leaked financials say about its surge pricing model

Uber price surgeEarlier this month, Uber’s revenues were leaked, igniting a debate over the car service company’s revenues streams and prices. Does Uber's surge in pricing resonate with their target audience?
Kuwaiti startup Fishfishme secures $200K from angel investors to expand globally

Fishfishme secures fundingFishfishme wants to make your next fishing trip one to remember- and the startup has recently secured $200,000 from several angel investors. Here’s how the startup aims to expand in 2014

10 mistakes to avoid when speaking in public

Mistakes to avoid when speaking in publicWhether you are polishing up your public speaking skills or want to avoid getting the jitters the next time you take the stage, our Arabic editor Reine has rounded up 10 mistakes you should steer clear from.

Et3arraf, the Middle East-focused anti-Tinder, announces $150,000 USD fundraising round

Launched in time for Valentine’s Day in 2013, Et3arraf is closer to an online marriage agency than it is to a dating site- here’s the story behind the startup, from idea to funding.

4 big developments in Moroccan web in 2013

Moroccan webWhile video content in Morocco saw a surge in popularity, it is not the most impressive development the local scene has witnessed last year. Read up on the emergence of a Moroccan digital market in this post.

What Turkey's economic struggle means for its startups

Although Turkey had gained interesting traction in the last two years, the country is now facing an economic downturn. How does this reflect on its startup ecosystem?

8 tech conferences in the Middle East to attend in 2014

Tech conferences you should not miss this yearWhether you’re presenting, hovering around to put your networking skills to good use, or looking to listen in on panels, tech conferences have a lot to contribute to your startup. Here are 8 tech conferences you shouldn’t miss in 2014.

HAXLR8R co-founder on what hardware trends to expect in 2014

If you've been reading up on CES, you already know that wearables stole the show since day 1. We chatted with HAXLR8R co-founder Cyril Ebersweiler about gadget trends, and what it is like for startups to work out of Shenzhen.

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