YouTube the next frontier for marketers in Bahrain [Infographic]

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A recent infographic produced by Tawasul, a Bahrain-based social media consultancy and management firm, rounds up the top-rated brands on three social networks in Bahrain. Some results are predictable; others show the underserved arenas in which brands attempting to market in the Persian Gulf country might focus their attention.

That shopping centers and telecom companies performed well among Bahraini social media consumers should come as no surprise. On Facebook, this trend is particularly apparent. Shopping mall Bahrain City Center came in first with 223,030 ‘likes’, almost three times as many as the second-most-popular brand on Facebook, telecom VIVA Bahrain (pulling in 79,822). The third, fourth, and fifth-most-popular brands on Facebook were also a mall (Oasis Bahrain) and two telecoms companies (Zain Bahrain and Samsung Mobile Arabia).


Telecoms also dominate Bahrainis Twitterspheres, with Zain claiming the #5 slot, VIVA the #6, and Batelco #7. The top four brands on Twitter are all newspapers (Al Wasat is number 1, followed by Al Ayam, Al Watan, and Akhbar al Khaleej). Bahrain City Center, the mall that placed first on Facebook, came in at #10 on Twitter, clearly showing where the center’s marketing priorities lie.

But the results for YouTube are the real surprise. The top brand for Bahraini YouTube subscriptions, Batelco, has a meager 676 subscribers, and numbers drop off sharply from there. In fact, Tawasul only listed five brands as “the remaining brands have too few subscribers.” They analyze the data as indicating that “brands in Bahrain have not utilized this popular social network at all. Video marketing is a huge hit waiting to happen… when brands start investing in this medium.” We’re inclined to agree.

Check out the full infographic here.

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