What you should know about Amman's tech sector [Infographic]

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According to a recent infographic, Amman is growing to become the regional technology capital for startups. The data featured shows that in 2011 and 2012, Jordan is placed first in the region in number of tech deals funded, second in the region in amount of funds invested, and as the 10th best place to start a company in the whole world.

With an eightfold increase in tech support between 2001 and 2013, Jordan’s tech sector has been booming. This infographic, created by Innovative Jordan in collaboration with Int@jOasis500Silicon Badia and Kharabeesh shows Jordan as witnessing a surge of 600+ tech companies and 300+ startups, leading to the creation of 84,000 jobs and comprising 12% of the country’s GDP. And 30% of the labor force in Jordan’s tech industry are women.

As the best performing non-oil economy in the MENA region as measured by real GDP growth between 1999 and 2013, Amman is also the leading location for Arabic content creation on the internet.

Jordan has managed to build a relatively mature ecosystem with supporting institutions across the entire lifecycle of a company, which has been a catalyst to its success. Global tech partners like CISCO, Microsoft, Intel, and Oracle were part of this cycle in addition to multiple key players like commercial banks, private equity, angel investors, and accelerators. This has infused the ecosystem with an international flavor: 20% of entrepreneurs at Oasis500, one of the largest accelerators in Jordan, are non Jordanian!

Click here or on the infographic for a larger picture.

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