The startup marathon: how to endure to the finish line [Infographic]

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Building a startup is like a marathon, and endurance is key. In the infographic below, Anna Vital goes through some of the main worries that cross the mind of an entrepreneur when they first start thinking of building a business, and provides alternative advice.

The infographic tackles timing, team building, partnering and taking on investment. Some of the advice highlighted is:

  • Instead of picking something small to start with, go after a bigger project you can dedicate your life to.

  • Don’t rush to get money first; start building and money will follow.

  • Release the first beta version you build, if there is value it will survive.

  • Once you create value, investors will come to you.

  • When you think you have a better idea, selling and starting over becomes an option.

Click on the image below to see a larger version of the infographic.

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