Startupization: the risk, the cost, and the rewards [Infographic]

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Our mission is to inspire everyone from engineers to moms to do a startup.” This is how Anna Vital starts her blog featuring an infographic on startupization, a concept she refers to as “The Future”.

The infographic defines startupization as a social movement that promotes startups and entrepreneurship, one that is gaining popularity as a means to fulfilling employment which allows people to design their own lives.

To back up her idea, Vital lists a few data points, focusing on the fact that in 2014 there are as many as 305 million startups worldwide and 472 million entrepreneurs, 8% of which are women, with a success rate of 46%, “if you are serious about it.”

She lists five reasons why one should build their own startup:

  1. Control over your job and life

  2. An exciting life

  3. Lifestyle of your choice

  4. An enduring legacy in the form of your company

  5. Contributing to growing the economy

Click on the infographic for a larger image.

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