Aramex launches logistics support network for regional entrepreneurs

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Aramex and Infofort are launching a new program that focuses on helping startups and SMEs across their network. Aramex and Infofort SME aims to offer special shipping, logistics, and document management rates, training, and mentorship to startups throughout the network. This program has already launched in Oman and Uganda; Kenya, Tanzania, and Jordan, among others, are on slate to launch later this year.

“Corporate activism, community empowerment and providing support to entrepreneurs have been part of our company’s DNA since the beginning," says Raji Hattar, Chief Sustainability and Compliance Officer at Aramex.

Ever since Fadi Ghandour founded the company in 1982, the company has maintained its commitment to supporting startups as part of their broader sustainability efforts. The “first company in the region to report on its sustainable practices,” according to the company website, Aramex’s sustainability efforts are supported by six pillars: education and youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, community development, emergency relief, sports, and environmental commitments.

The Aramex and Infofort teams have worked with local chambers of commerce and the local networks of the United Nations Global Compact to organize workshops and mentorship opportunities for startups and SMEs. But with the new program, the most direct help comes through discounted shipping prices. Startups can get competitive rates on Aramex and Infofort services, in return, these startups commit to shipping a certain number of items per quarter. This benefits both parties: startups work harder to meet their milestones and Aramex makes more shipments.

SMEs can enroll in the program by either contacting Aramex directly, or by being referred through the local chamber or a local partner. Once startups begin working with Aramex, they are assigned a team that will help them with their shipping and logistics needs from customs, payments, to shipping rates and times. In this manner, Aramex and Infofort will customize logistics strategies for SMEs and entrepreneurs from the startup phase, assisting in their growth.

Logistics and shipping often present challenges to SMEs; this program gives them much needed access to the market and contributes to the economic growth of the communities they are a part of.  

For more information, contact Taraf AbuHamdan (taraf.abuhamdan [at] aramex [dot] com).

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