How important is communication for startups?


How important is communication for startups?

Most startup founders, especially those working in tech, pay too much attention to the technical aspect of their product, working under the impression that people will be able to understand their product the same way as they do.

Given that competition is always increasing, and companies with similar offerings are launched in the region all the time, how entrepreneurs communicate about their products has become more crucial than ever.

Here are some things to keep in mind when communicating about your product:

Tell a story

All entrepreneurs have a story behind their startup – but they often underestimate the importance of that story. Entrepreneurs should learn to tell their story in an exciting way, and ensure that everyone associated with the company from team members, friends, and the surrounding circle are in sync and consistent in telling the story to others.


When a startup is launched, entrepreneurs generally get excited about designing a logo, hire some freelance designers, and call it a brand.

But branding is absolutely beyond a logo; it’s how you position your company for your audience. To do this efficiently, it’s worth engaging your target audience in the branding process, to see how they perceive your company. Based on this, you will be able to properly position the company in a unique manner.

Your branding exercise results could be as simple as a slogan, along with a mission and vision, it could be building a set of elements that strengthen your identity, it could be a mascot that will be used to represent your startup, and it could be a mixture of all of these. No matter how simple the result is, be sure to document it in a branding guidelines sheet.

Make your message simple, yet sophisticated

Your audience needs to understand what you’re doing regardless of their background; here’s where “sophisticated simplicity” plays a big role. An entrepreneur has to be able to describe the work they’re doing in the simplest way possible.

Follow the trends that serve your mission

Whether it’s graphic design, social media, websites, or any other platform, make sure that you’re watching the trends that suit the kind of work you’re doing. For example, if your work is about data, keep track of infographics. If you’re building a website, look at the latest trends of web design.

Maintain an open communication channel between you and your stakeholders

Everyone knows how busy you are delivering quality work, but keeping open channels with your stakeholders and audience is extremely important. You don’t wait for people to reach out to you; keep reminding them that you exist and are working on something exciting. Social media and other platforms like our very own Wamda made it easier for you to maintain such communication channel.

Take care of your current customers, and make yourself always available

Acquiring the client might not be the easiest part of your mission, but it’s what comes next that matters most. If your clients are happy, they will stick with you and they may even spread the word about your good work. If you’re not doing a good job, this will spread rapidly and it will become very hard for you to regain a good reputation.

Open all possible channels to serve your customers, to receive their inquiries and their complaints. Responding in a timely manner makes a huge difference; even if you’re not getting back to them with a solution, you’re telling them that you’re there and you’ve heard them.

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