RedTroops CEO: 'Getting users has been our biggest challenge' [Wamda Mix n' Mentor Competition]

Check out the video entry from Samer Tarazi of RedTroops for Wamda's Mix n' Mentor competition. The so-called eBay for in-app advertising, RedTroops is a direct bridge between advertisers and app developers. Users can create a rich-media ad within minutes using the startup's drag-and-drop tools, then head into the marketplace to buy ad space directly from developers, within any specific app.

The competition focuses on implementing mentors' advice given during Mix N' Mentor, and the lessons entrepreneurs can draw from taking action and tackling their startup challenges heads-on. Mix N' Mentor participants are invited to submit an initial video detailing their startup's main challenge, what they learned during Mix N' Mentor and how they will implement it as well as what metrics they'll monitor to benchmark their progress (more info here). Finalists from each city will compete in the finale to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Silicon Valley, where they will get a week's coworking space, and the chance to meet Googlers right on the Google campus. Read more about the competition here.

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