5 entrepreneurs on how to attain work-life balance [Wamda TV]

Limiting working hours is a big deal for both Anghami’s Elie Habib and GoNabIt founder Sohrab Jahanbani. “It’s bad project management to allow people to work after 7 PM,” says Habib. Similarly, Oussama Ammar never works on Sunday, and, in the classic French manner, is careful to take his yearly month-long holiday during which he completely unplugs.

“My 20s were a train wreck on a personal level,” admits Sohrab Jahanbani. De-stressing “could be blasting Ode To Joy for 7-8 minutes, it could be doing some wake boarding… it depends on how long you have.”

Rabih Nassar turns to the arts – “music and art” to be precise – as does Boigner, who told Wamda he is a film buff.

“Everybody has a vent; as an investor, we make sure that each entrepreneurs uses these vents even if in difficult times we have to force them to take time off,” says Boigner.

The video series offers a unique snapshot into the life of an entrepreneur, showing that people who have achieved the designation of ‘Wamda mentor’ struggle with the same daily challenges as people who are just starting out. Just because these five entrepreneurship experts – Sohrab Jahanbani, founder of GoNabit.com; Elie Habib, founder of Anghami; Rabih Nassar, founder of Apstrata; Dr. Philip Boigner, VP of Investments at Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority; and Oussama Ammar, founder of French accelerator/investment fund TheFamily have achieved a measure of success in their respective sectors, doesn't mean that running their businesses is suddenly a walk in the park.

Watch a previous video in the series here; and check back in the coming days for more.

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